UX/UI Design

UI and UX are equally important when it comes to effective website design. However, while you may frequently see these terms referred to, do you know what they actually are, or do you just brush them aside as “IT stuff” and avoid getting involved? If you have a business but you do not know what UI and UX are, you are far from alone.

What is UI?

UI is an abbreviation for the tech term “user interface”. In relation to your website or app, the interface involves those elements a visitor interacts with. This can range from a ‘read more’ button to a ‘buy now’ button, a drop-down menu to a scrolling function, or a navigation tool to a banner advertisement.

The most common user interface is the graphic user interface, or GUI. In simple terms, this can be a whole website or app, including the written text. As Dublin, Ireland-based UI designers, our job here at Netfully is to make sure that navigating/using the website or app is as simple and easy as possible.

Successful UI should achieve the following:

clarity icon

All elements of UI need to be crystal clear.


Your UI enables users to use their previous experience to successfully interact with your website or app.


It is important that you create a sense of familiarity on your website so users to recognize usage patterns.


Effective UI creation means users aren’t punished for making mistakes.


Good UI minimises user input for maximum output. It also involves creating shortcuts for experienced users to save them wasted time.

Here at Netfully, our role as UI designers is to create website and app interfaces that users can instantly and effectively engage with. With the popularity of voice-activated devices such as Siri and Alexa, chances are that voice-sensitive UI will become a key element of user interaction with websites and apps.

What is UX?

UI and UX are like twins, but not identical ones. They are very closely related, and both involve those who interact with your website or app interface.

The difference is that user experience (UX) deals with how the user will be left feeling after interacting with your website or app. UI and UX are usually performed by the same person as they are interdependent. UX involves looking at what the UI developer has created, and then makes sure it delivers on both ease of interaction and effectiveness. UX involves the likes of ease of use of a website checkout, ease of finding products or services, easily spotted interaction tools (buttons), in simple terms, good UX is providing users with a great experience.


Not sure how UI or UX could benefit you?

Why not consider letting us audit your current apps or website and we will be more than happy to provide you with an unbiased opinion as to what, if anything needs or could be improved. Just give us a call or drop us an email , let us know the details of your app or website, and leave the rest to us.