How to Choose a Custom Software Development Company in the UK

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Custom software is a great way to make sure your product has the perfect software suited to its needs. There are many ways to develop software using existing tools and templates. However, fully customised and bespoke software gives you complete freedom and control over your software. There are lots of software companies that provide this service, but finding the right one for your project is important.

Many companies offer custom software development, but you’ll need to find the software development company best suited to your project. Investing in completely customised software or enterprise solutions is a great idea. You do need to do some research though, and the company you’re choosing should have a proven track record of success.

This article will guide you through three important things to consider when choosing a custom software development company.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are multi-faceted software tools that determine the way in which each aspect of an organisation works together. Almost all larger organisations and companies use enterprise solutions because they help to facilitate cross-departmental processes to take place.

For example, a common enterprise solution is e-commerce, which allows companies to sell goods online. This allows a customer to visit a website, browse the online shop, choose an item purchase, then input payment. The enterprise software works behind the scenes to manage the order, calculate shipping and fees, process payment and deploy the order.

Project management and customer relationship management (CRM) applications are other examples of enterprise solutions. These solutions enable your entire team to update task lists, keep up to date with client relations, and know they need to do to complete a project. These project management and CRM applications work across platforms, databases and other software to streamline task management and communications.

Enterprise Solutions in Practice

Enterprise solutions are cloud-based, which means they can be remotely managed and deployed to team members easily and efficiently. While there are existing enterprise solutions available for use, there is a lot of benefit to having custom enterprise solutions developed for your company.

Templated or mass-produced enterprise solutions are readily available, but they have a number of limitations and restrictions. When you choose custom enterprise solutions, you can get the software you need with the assurance that it’s developed specifically for your needs. Application, programme and software integration will be considered from the beginning. This cuts down on the potential for integration problems in the future.

When you’re contacting a custom enterprise solutions developer, outline the type of enterprise solution you need, how you want it deployed and how many programmes or applications you currently use. The number of users is relevant, but because most enterprise solutions are now cloud-based, they are easy to scale for additional users.

Custom Software Developers

Most of the software we use day-to-day is mass produced by large software development companies to enable people to use software in an effective and efficient way. Some examples are word processors, email systems, and image editing software. These programmes are great for people who need standard systems and software to carry out their daily tasks.

However, if you want your organisation to have custom software that caters directly to your needs as a business, then there are ways to do it. Custom software has many advantages over mass-market software because you can control the project and just get the software you need.

Customised software allows you to design and develop software that considers all the risks that could occur down the line. This makes it preferable for companies who have different needs, or want more secure software. While many people consider customised software to be more expensive, this is not always the case.

Custom Software Development is Cost Effective

Many people who purchase commercially developed software require that software to be changed and customised to fit their requirements. This can create problems with the software security, stability and overall implementation. Customising commercial software developed with masses in mind can also take a lot of time. Not only that, but you are required to adhere to certain terms and conditions by purchasing the licence.

When purchasing the licence to use software developed for the mass-market, it’s a quick way to roll out a solution. It allows the user to install and use the software almost immediately, and for a certain number of users. There are often a number of additional costs that are incurred once you make any changes. When you use a custom software development company to create, implement and deploy your software, your costs are all discussed upfront.

When you get a custom software development company to design your software, you will only pay for the software you need. Most software will be totally scaleable. If there are extra costs for more users, your developer will let you know at this stage of the process. Of course, finding the best developer for your project is crucial.

Track Record

Custom software development is a big undertaking, and you need to research the software developer you’re considering. That’s why you need to have an idea of the track record of the custom software developer you’re thinking of getting involved in your project.

Software development is often considered to be a skillset that a company or an individual offers. However, this is far from the reality of custom software development. Software development is a vague term for a varied offering of services, so it is important you look at the projects your prospective software developer has completed.

When you’re investing in fully customised software for your organisation, you want to be certain that it will work, and will continue to do so. Checking what type of clients the software development company has worked with in the past. If they’ve worked with some of your competitors, or someone that had similar software requirements, then that’s a good starting point.

After that, it’s worth compiling your list of specifications, organised into necessities and desires, and contact the company. The company will take this list and prepare a proposal and price estimate for the work. At this point, highlight any queries you might have about the implementation of the new software and any disruption your services might face.

Technical Support is Vital

One thing to consider is whether your software development company will provide you with technical support on an ongoing basis. While your software will be developed with your specific requirements, there is always the possibility that something could happen. Most software development companies will include ongoing support as part of their services.

Before you begin your project, it’s worth asking for client testimonials about past projects. These will give you an idea of the track record that the company has and their client satisfaction level. Lots of companies offer customised software solutions, but only the best will offer continued, ongoing technical support.

There’s a lot of variables to consider when you’re developing a completely customised software for any type of organisation. Making sure most risks and scalability concerns are considered, and any existing application or software integrations are transferred or replaced. However, it more often than not proves to be a worthwhile investment.


Custom software development companies offer so many services that it can sometimes seem overwhelming to know where to start. The three points above are some of the most important questions to consider before giving the go-ahead. There is so much versatility in customised software and enterprise solutions that make it worthwhile. Customised software and enterprise solutions put the power in your hands. A good software development company will be able to guide you through the process. 

Customised software will take longer to make than off-the-shelf solutions, but you will find it much more suitable for your specific needs. It will also allow you to change aspects of it in the future and can be adapted for many different reasons. If you think an app would suit your business, there are software companies who provide this service, too.

No matter what you decide in the end, the most important thing is that you have a good relationship with your software developer. If it works, it works, and that’s just as important.